Why is teacher training important?

There has been a stupendous growth in recent times in the number of pre-primary and primary schoolsboth government aided and privately owned. This has led to a huge market of teaching jobs in India andHyderabad is no exception. With the availability of jobs, the number of teachers and aspirants interested intaking up teaching as a career option has also risen.

But the competition among these schools is fierce and hence, they all want to provide the best educationpossible. Therefore, they recruit only skilled and experienced teachers. Most of the teaching jobs in Indiacome with a prerequisite for the teachers to have completed a certified teacher training course. Teachershave to remain updated with the latest advancements in techniques and methodologies of teaching.

It is crucial that a teacher understands child psychology before attempting to deal with them. They must be conversant with all the techniques of educating and handling children because the education imparted to kids in their formative years forms the very basis on which a child later grows and develops. Hence, any misdirection at this age can possibly affect a child adversely in his or her later years. Moreover, a teacher must be aware of the different techniques, skills and methodologies of teaching children of different age groups. For example, the pre-primary and primary teacher training courses are the most popular teacher training courses but they deal with the teaching techniques of different age groups.

In a pre-primary teachers training course,trainees are firstly made aware of child psychology and the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of children aged between 2 to 5 years old. A proper pre- primary teacher training course trains a teacher to unleash a child’s inherentimaginative skills and help a child in his social interactions and make children learn about the environmentthrough their physical senses. Children of this age are usually restless and yearn for physical activity. Apre-primary teacher training course trains a teacher to utilize this energy of children in a positive way andinstruct through group activities like song, games, dance, drama, art and puppetry.

Primary teachers training courses are appropriate for teachers wishing to teach kids aged between 5 to 12 years old. A primary teacher isexpected to create a general awareness in a child and educate a child on all subjects, which are essentialin get a clear understanding of the world. This makes the job of a primary teacher’s exceedingly difficult. In a primary teachers training course an aspirant is trained on the ways of planning courses best suitable forchildren of this age group. Furthermore, teachers are also trained in executing lessons in a demonstrative fashionto grab the interest and curiosity of a child and helps in retention of knowledge. Lessons have to beinteractive in nature to allow participation from children, which not only help in the process of education butimproves upon the social and inter-personal skills ofchildren. A primary teachers training course also helpsa teacher to fulfill the responsibility of disciplining children and in instilling behavioral and moral values inthem.


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